10 cool features of people wearing wooden watches

The sundials invented in ancient times were regarded as the ancestors of all the clocks we use today, with a history dating back to the 8th century. Today, the wrist watch are setting the trend for a new era, as the son of evolution that has lasted for ages. What about those watches? Is there a difference between a person with a watch and a person without a watch? Maybe there is, as we will see in the next few paragraphs.

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Watches have evolved a lot since the ages they entered our lives and changed us. The first clocks, which gave the appearance of time concept were quite abstract in the early ages, as they were not compact enough to carry on. The first wrist watches emerged as a women’s accessory in the 1890’s and did not receive much attention at the time. At a time when pocket watches were in fashion, the transition to wrist watches had arisen from basic necessities. Louis Cartier and Edmond Jaeger, known as masters of watches, called this watch “Pilot watch” when they invented the modern wristwatch, at the beginning of the last century. These clocks, which were intended as a practical solution to assist the pilots in their flights, were soon seen on the arms of soldiers and became a part of the social life very quickly. Since that day, wrist watches have become an indispensable accessory for many people.

The wooden wrist watch is a more recent addition to the watch world, and it makes for a stylish accessory. So are people who wear wooden watches really different from those who don’t? We listed the interesting common features of people who wear watches in 10 simple items.

1. They are more punctual than anyone

First of all, people who wear wood watches do not have to worry about timing, because time is basically a wrist movement. You should be careful when making an appointment with someone who is wearing the watch, because if you say 15:00, he will be there at 15:00, tops. Maybe even sooner, but not to make you feel bad, that’s just the way they are. If you’re late to a meeting, you can’t get out of his mouth, and if you come early, he can turn you away by saying, “What’s the hurry?”. Being on time at the exact spot is a lifestyle for wood watch wearers, it just comes with the accessory.


2. Time is a concept proportional to fashion

Watch wearers are well aware that the clothing they wear is compatible with the wooden watch’s strap and color. Every day, with almost no exception. They don’t just wear that watch to know what tim they have to go out to lunch, it’s also a fashion statement. If you’re going to buy clothes as a gift for a wood watch wearer, try to buy something that fits their watch or at least make sure you get a change card. Fashion for wearers is proportional to the time they wear it. They basically determine their approach to fashion by looking at time.

They create their image with a single accessory

People who do not wear a watch, imprint on their arm, necklace around their neck, earrings in their ear, don’t stop worrying. But the wood watcher has the ability to recover their image with just a single timepiece. A beautiful, elegant wood watch gives the person tons of self-confidence, charisma and the image they strive for and want to show everyone around. In simple terms: it’s an accessory that saves jewelry trouble.

They feel naked when they’re not wearing their watches

You can rest assured that a person who wears the watch for 24 hours will wear the wooden watch for the rest of their life. Because the watch is such a, let’s call it disease, in lack of a better term, that when you do not wear it, you feel a deficiency, you feel like something is missing from your life, or more exactly from your body. The absence of a wooden wrist watch creates a sense of nudity. There are not even people entering the bathroom who feel completely naked when they remove their watch.


They have charismatic wrist movements

The person who wears a wood watch does not miss any chance to exhibit this cool looking object as a symbol of pride. He puts his watch into his eyes with various wrist movements until he receives praise from the other person, and there will be no stoping him. People who are obsessed with this issue have such charismatic wrist movements, that if one day they stop wearing the watch, that striking image in your eyes will disappear.

Quickly indicates boredom

It is also super easy for the person who owns the watch to show his/her mood. For example, it is not possible to realize that a person who is constantly looking at his watch is bored at a meeting. Other than that, if you watch a match constantly looking at the clock you will understand how excited it is. He’s an in-person who wears a watch.

No impulsive movements

Since the wooden watch is also expensive when it is of good quality, the person wearing the watch looks at it like an eye. In crowded environments, he immediately puts his hand in his pocket. He acts calmly to protect his watch, which can be damaged even in minor collisions. You will never see him swinging his or her hand to the left or right. This serene air spirit in the arms also creates an interesting auto control mechanism for the person wearing the watch.

Direction distances are in the hands of the minute hand

For a watch wearer, the place, the direction and the time is all about the watch. Kilometers are meaningless for a watch wearer. So if you say “hey, I’m 10 kilometers away”, you might get an answer like “Sorry, we don’t speak in kilometers. Tell us how many minutes we’ll get to you”.


Responsible and patient

The wood watch wearer is also responsible. When entering the bathroom, going to the sea, the football field, he carefully leaves the clock aside, then does his activities. This makes them more principled and patient with life. The concept of “safety first” sits on them as a motto. The person who takes his watch out of residence is responsible enough to walk back 20 kilometers to get back the watch if he forgets the watch there.

They adapt to fashion

People who wear watches also adapt to fashion. They don’t fall behind fashion. Even more, they may even create the fashion trends themselves, if enough people see the wood watch on the wrist and say “we want something like that”.

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As you can see, wearing a wood watch is cool for so many reasons. Which is why we strongly encourage you to try one yourself.

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