5 of the Best American Wood Watch Brands

Nowadays there is a desire for natural products that are sustainable and nicer than the old ones. Wooden watches definitely fit into this category and, probably, that’s why they are becoming more and more popular. More and more consumers decide they want to have a wooden watch, but not all newcomers are entirely sure what that means. How do we choose a wood watch, which brands or the materials that are made from? These are primordial questions when you decide to buy such an accessory, and only some brands respond to our needs and questions. 

Besides telling you the time, a watch should tell a story, too.  

Such wise words. We all know that the material is important. There are lots of different types of wood from different trees. Each one has its distinctive colour, grain, and durability. Then there are additional details on the features and functionality. But a good brand will offer you more than a qualitative watch made from wood. They will offer you a story to be told. 

For those interested in buying a wood watch, we made a list with our top 5 favourite American brands.

1. Lux Woods 

Buy oneFeed onePlant one.” 

Lux Woods does not impress only through their distinguished wood watch designs, but also for their social mission. The main goal of this brand is to leave the world a better place, provide a best in class product and make sure that every product has its own story. What sets apart Lux Wood is the fact they are so customizable. One of the ways to customize each timepiece is by using their option to engrave the case back. The wood watches are manually crafted from a sustainable, renewable resource–wood. And for each piece of wood used, they are replanting another tree.


2. JORD – Wood Watches

 We make our watches for people who don’t just have somewhere to be, they have somewhere to go.  

JORD focuses more on telling a story through the use of time and style. This modernized company works on creative ways to design more than just a wristwatch. And is the top-selling premium wood watch brand in the world. Every time, with every collection, they bring something new to the table. The watches are made from all-natural, hypoallergenic materials, making it as friendly as it is fashionable. So, if you want to have more than a time telling mechanism, you should definitely choose a wooden watch from JORD. 


3. Nixon Wood Watches 

” We make the little things better.  

Nixon is an American brand founded in 1997, California. Nixon uses MIYOTA quartz movements and is considered the best in its class. For the ones who want to make things different and for those who wish for a watch that won’t tell only the time, but also something about their own persona, then Nixon is the answer. Their focus is on the youth lifestyle market, so probably you won’t find any boring models.  


4. Original Grain 

” Every timepiece is born with a backstory.  

Two brothers and one goal: to create an entirely unique timepiece out of wood and steel. The fusion between natural wood and stainless steel was the perfect choice for their products. They hold their timepieces to the highest standards of craftsmanship, authenticity, and quality, and that’s why each of their products is truly unique. And not to forget, for each watch sold, one tree is planted. Original Grain is more than just a watch collection. They are a lifestyle brand.


5. Tree Hut 

 One touch of nature makes the whole world kin.  

The brand is a great story itself. Julia and Jon, husband and wife, are the co-founders of this family brand from San Francisco. They both were working in the corporate world, doing well, but always daydreaming about chasing an adventure. It wasn’t until a trip to Bali that they understood what that adventure could be. So, after being struck by the simple, effortless beauty created by the artisans, they came home with a plan to bring Bali with them, in whatever small way they could. They created Tree Hut. If you want something simple, but elegant, a wood watch made out of love and stories, this is your brand. 


Now having so many options, your job in finding the perfect wood watch is becoming more difficult. Each brand has something in particular and offers you something that you need. More than time. Simplicity, elegance, lifestyle, a statement, an approach to nature or even a story. That’s why wooden watches are more than an accessory. Discover now our collection of wood watches. We have stories to tell, too. 

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