Benefits of Pendant Lighting

Lighting is one of the most important aspects to consider when designing your home. This is already a cliche, but good lighting can make or break your design. We prefer pendant lighting and you will soon find out why, but keep in mind that lighting affects the whole atmosphere, ambiance, mood of the space. Below we gathered some tips and tricks that you should know before shopping for lighting solutions.

Just like any pendant on a necklace, pendant lighting has the great purpose of being a piece of design, like a piece of jewelry, it brings harmony and a touch of beauty to any space. There is a large variety of pendant lights available on the market at the moment, but every one of them has its own characteristics and style.

Ambient pendant lights

You can install one or more pendant lights in a room, in order to illuminate specific areas or the whole room. You can be creative when using ambient lights and think of light patterns that would best suit your space, like various sized light pendants arranged in a line on the side of a room or crossing a hallway. Be bold and play with sizes, forms and height and you will not be disappointed.

Highlighting / Accent Illumination

Pendant lights are perfect for highlighting beautiful pieces of furniture or art in the room. It draws attention to a unique or valuable feature of the space. 

Using pendant lights for focused illumination is also great for working spaces, for example over an office table, a kitchen counter, a reading corner and many others alike. Research shows that good lighting in the working area will have beneficial effects on the work and health of the team, for instance increased productivity and good eye health.

Ceiling Height

Does a pendant light fit in my space? Whether you’re designing a high ceiling or low ceiling room, it is important to know the heighte of the ceiling. There is a pendant lighting solution in every case, however, it’s better to know what the prerequisites are and check in time what you can adjust to your preferred lighting solution. Most pendant lights have cables and rods that can be set to different heights or even different fixtures, that allow you to relocate lights easily around their main fixture.

Use your creativity and you can do wonders with pendant lights in any space that you are designing. They are flexible, adaptable and will naturally blend with your home theme.

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