Benefits of using eco friendly wood watches

It seems like smart technology watches are becoming less popular in this era and people are looking for something nature-friendly. It may seem like a paradox, considering that we live in such a technology centered world. On the other side, technology can be too much, so people may tend to revert back to nature. This trend is rising for wooden watches for both men and women. Several big companies these days are designing sustainable, reliable and nature-friendly wood watches that can suit your personality. The market for wooden accessories and watches has become very diverse, and we’ve reached a point where everyone can have unique options for pairing up their style with quality products. The wide collection of natural watches offers several benefits due to their eco-friendly design.


Wood watches have gained immense popularity and recognition over the past recent years. It’s simple to figure out why: they are a perfect combination of style and functionality, and they also reflect elegance and charm. Manufacturers use the best quality woods that appears aesthetically appealing, since they are handmade. They are completely unique in its own way.

Wood watches are also known as green watches and it’s easy to see why. Going green is the global demand in this day and age and wood watches are absolutely in support of this notion, more than any other accessories. Here are some of the best reasons of how wood watches offer green benefits.

It’s made up of renewable resources

It’s a well known fact that wood is an eco-friendly and renewable resource, one of the most abundant in the world. Those who are searching for the perfect gift to give to their loved ones on a special occasion might preffer to buy wooden watches. They are available in wide variety of shapes and sizes and designs from trustworthy vendors. Keep in mind that the wood used for the development of these watches is brought in from sustainable forests. This means that new plants are regularly planted, so that this green trend can stay accessible for a long period of time.


Wood watches can be recycled and reused

Wood watches are made entirely out of natural products that are environmentally friendly by all means. All the wooden pieces that are used in the manufacturing process are recycled and reused. This even helps in waste management. These types of products are perfect when it comes to recycling, reusing and waste management. In a nutshell, it has been playing a major role in making the world a greener and better place.


Insensitive to heat

These eco-friendly watches are sustainable to temperature changes. This is due to their heat insensitive design. Note that the commonly used metal watches are heat sensitive, which is the reason they often become hot at higher temperature ranges. Most of the time, leather gets expanded or shrinks when it comes in prolonged contact with variable moisture levels. But on the other side, the stylish wooden watches are resistant to water, as well as heat, so, from this point of view, they are the clearly the better choice.

Timeless Accessory

Because people never stop wearing watches and in this world full of high tech systems, the latest designs of wooden watches are a great choice for a refreshing and simplistic look. Even celebrities love to wear these watches, as they are a perfect fit for every personality. The wooden watches appear super cool and pleasant to the eyes and they are best rated as affordable, durable and stylish accessories.


There are so many compelling wooden materials that are used to design nature inspired watches. The color and style often keep on evolving and it follows the trend that your personality will love to pair-up. The biggest trouble with metal watches is that they often become faded with time. On the other hand, the wooden watch maintains its beauty and shine forever. The more you wear them, the more elegant they will appear on your wrist.

Free from toxic effect

Given the hypoallergenic nature of wood, it is free from all sorts of toxic effects. That’s why it makes an ideal product for people who are allergic to metal or have a sensitive skin. These are the best skin-friendly options. People that are sensitive to metal-related allergies will find these watches very for useful for staying tuned with fashion and style. Wood is free from all toxic effects, which makes it good for skin as well as a healthier option for the environment. These are neither corrosive nor cause skin rashes, even if exposed to humid and hot conditions.


Needs less maintenance

Wood watches are extremely durable in nature. They are long-lasting and even need less maintenance than the regular watches. These types of watches do not even require frequent polishing. They just need gentle cleaning, in order to maintain their elegance for years. These watches can be used for a long time, even if used under rain or at the time of washing hands. These products are not negatively impacted by water, so you don’t have to worry if you’re ever caught in the rain or if you’re pushed into a pool at a party.

The production process is energy efficient

There are no factories that produce wood watches. Because they are so intricate in functionality and design, wood watches are produced manually and the process doesn’t need energy to back it up. Which makes the production process highly efficient in terms of the amount of energy used. Most of the procedure is handmade. Each wood watch made is purely a result of the craftsmanship and the talent of the watchmaker. There is minimal reliance on machines. The entire process also leads to negligible production of greenhouse gases. There are no air-polluting emissions, which imposes less of a burden on the environment. A wood watch is ideal for maintaining a clean environment all around.


Biodegradable raw materials can be reused

Wood products can be reused and are biodegradable. They can even be recycled, as we mentioned above. For instance, the wood band can be altered for making another watch. The raw material of these watches can be collected from local suppliers and local resources can be utilized. In conclusion, buying a wood watch doesn’t only mean having access to a stylish product, but at the same time promoting a greener and more sustainable environment for you and all the people around you. A watch is not just a simple accessory to you, rather it helps you to stay punctual and look decent in front of the public. Many people love to tune their watches to their personality for representing excellent fashion sense. With wooden watches, the great advantage is that you can also tune in with your nature sense. And the environment will definitely appreciate that.

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