Best 2019 gifts – Engraved wood watches

As human beings, on certain occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, dinner parties or just on a regular day, we are used to giving something. A gift. The best gift is to engrave your story on a timeless wood watch.

Giving is the best gift

At first, it was like a social rule to establish a relationship with, now we tend to give something to show some appreciation. But with all these ideas around us how we can find the perfect gift?

We are always trying to find the perfect gift and sometimes it can be an impossible task. We are spending hours in the mall, from store to store, or days online to find that gift.  

For those who need some fresh ideas and also a little bit much modern than the classic ones, we have some tips that could help you find the perfect one. Have you ever thought about giving a customized wood watch

Engraved wood watches 

For your loved ones you can buy a useful gift, something that they can wear it every day and it will remind of you. Something like a wood watch. Wooden watches are not only elegant and versatile, but they are also durable and eco-friendly. Besides being a natural material, wood has such a rare beauty that transforms every object in a unique oeuvre d’art.

And an engraved wooden watch it could be the best gift idea. Not only is something that can be wear day by day, but is also proof of a certain lifestyle. A wood watch engraved with a personal message it would be a timeless gift. Engraving can transform this simple wood watch into a thoughtful, unique, memorable one.

This kind of gift can be given to any person you love, from your partner, wife, husband, child, parents, grandparents, or your best friend. Every person you know to wear a watch. And everybody is wearing it. You can choose to engrave on the back of the watch a message, a quote or a design that it is meant to connect with each other. Now, that person will have your proof of love every day.  

Customize your appreciation

We have prepared for you an entire collection of wooden watches, different models, colors and kind of woods from where you can choose the right one. Don’t worry, wooden watches are gaining more and more popularity in the fashion industry.

They are becoming a symbol of our union with nature. So the person in the cause will have something modern and posh to wear. After you have chosen the desired model, just think of what do you want to tell your loved one. And we will engrave that story forever on the back of the watch.

Gifts can be really special if you know what to choose. They can be more special if you have a story to be told and written. And now that is possible if you choose to offer an engraved wood watch. Just think about it. When they’ll look for the time, they’ll see something timeless. Your love for them. 

A gift is a gift, but a wooden watch is something different. Choose now from our collection and send us an email at with your message or design and we will customize the watch for you. Choose to tell your story differently. 

Never been that easy to express your gratitude for the loved ones! 

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