BOBO Bird – A big brand of Wooden Watches

From a specific bird from China to a big brand is just a step. It is about imagination and passion accompanied by a special memory. But why am I saying? Probably most of you don’t know the story of this brand. So, let’s see the brand’s history.

It is about a little Chinese boy who wanted a watch as present for his birthday. His father, who was carpenter, created for his son a watch made completely in wood. The boy was fascinated by his father’s gift and nothing could replace the memory from his heart. When he grew up, he started to produce wooden watches in the same manner that his father did in his childhood. He named the brand after a bird which lives in China and sings BO-BO. And here is the brand: BOBO BIRD.

To tell you the truth, BOBO bird was born after 2010, but this brand has made a good reputation. Probably you will ask: “ But why?” Because of craftsmanship of Chinese people and Japanese technology. This combination produces a high quality watches which become more and more popular. Materials used in wooden watches’ fabrication have to be waterproof (Who wants to have a broken down watch after a rainny day?) because we all know that wood + water is not love. It is used bamboo, sandalwood or maple and we have to ensure you that all this species of wood are reciclated. The watch is protected by a special pellicle who protects it against scratches and humidity.

BOBO Bird brand is well-known through young people no importance of gender. This is because this kind of watch is not very usual and it can be assorted and combined with all types of clothes from sport to elegant, from casual to sophisticated.

Another good part of BOBO Bird wood watches is that they offer a big variety of models and, WOW, you can personalize them. That’s fantastic if you have to buy a gift or you just want it for you. And you will be as the same time fashionable and a good friend with the nature.

Through our site, you can buy this kind of watch, an authentic  BOBO Bird watch, and you can also choose the text which you want on your accessory. Just contact us (see CONTACT button present on Home page) and tell us what is your desire and we will help you. If you have no idea about what you want to write on your watch, you can visit our Blog and inspire a little bit from our dedicated article about how to personalize your own watch.

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