Celebrities and wooden watches

Wooden watches are becoming more and more popular among ordinary people. The protection of the environment is the “cause” of this trend and not only ordinary people choose wooden watches, also celebrities  due to their pro-nature campaigns.

Even if wooden watches could be more expensive that another one, many celebrities are worn by Hollywood stars. Maybe because Hollywood contains “wood”? No, not at all. Celebrities are eccentric or they want to stand out and be appreciate for this or just prefer wooden watches.

From actors to singers, the celebrities are changing their style. A part of them take part of a environmental organization and their mission is exposed through wooden watches, others think that they are cool and they will have a lot of fans who copy their style or  maybe they really like the wooden watches and they wear them as a vintage accessory.

Rihanna is one of famous singers who wears a wooden watch. We all know her style and consider that it add to her outfit a big plus. Even if she wear jeans or dresses she knows how to combine them in order to create a special appearance which inspire a lot of people.

Cara Delevingne is another famous singer, an eccentric one, who choose to wear a wooden wristwatch. She inspires a lot of teenagers, so she can be an example for the new generation. Her outfit becomes rich from the moment when she add this kind of watch.

The list can continue with Kim Kardashian. Everyone knows this actress who shocked the whole planet with her lifestyle and she added to her treasure some beautiful wooden watches. An ordinary wooden watch has only wood, but celebrities want to add precious stones as diamonds, emeralds, sapphire or gold, silver.

However, not only famous women wear wooden watches, men too. Royal House of UK loves the planet. Prince Harry is dedicated to planet’s rescue, he militates for peace, he was in the middle of a big war and so on and he wears wooden watches. This is a big prove of love for humanity.

The list can continue with many others celebrities. They will include step by step wooden watches in our lives. Why? It is very simple. People copy celebrities. Celebrities are examples for society (in a good or a bad way), and involuntary people try to adopt celebrities’ lifestyle.

The wooden watches could be well-known using the celebrities’ “promotion” because many people just want to copy someone’s style. This can be a big advantage of these gorgeous timekeeper.

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