You can contact us through multiple means:


Phone and WhatsApp: +40744188800

If you have any questions about personalizing a product that has this option in the description on the website, please contact us by through the aforementioned ways and we will gladly respond to your request. Also, all the requests regarding returns, refunds, intimations, suggestions, and any questions you might have about our activity and/or products will be made through our email and/or phone number.

After you receive a shipment with one or more of our products, if you find that anything is missing, please inform us immediately through phone or email. Also, if you don’t receive your order within 60 days of placing the order on our website, please inform us on phone or email, so we can find out what went wrong and fix the situation as soon as possible. You can cancel your order for any personal reasons, by contacting us.

We like to have a close connections to our clients, because they are very important to us. We would love to hear from you, and if you need any information and we can help, contact us and we will definitely be in touch through any of the modes above. We have a dedicated team just for you, that is working around the clock to provide you with the answers and personal service you need.

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