Fashion Trend for 2019 – Wooden Watches

Nowadays, the fashion industry tends to favour natural materials for their products. Why? First of all, these natural materials are eco-friendly and offer you more sustainability. And that should be every brand biggest concern. Secondly, by using natural materials you can reduce a well-known problem that’s destroying our planet.  

Did you know that industry fashion is responsible for 8% of global pollution? We are now surrounded by all this technology and innovations that could help the fashion industry in the process. So, why not using it and make the world a better place but also fashionable? 

Natural wood in fashion industry 

Take wood, for instance. As a natural material, people can use wood in many ways and industries. From building your home, making your own furniture or some handmade decoration objects. But did you know that you can use wood to make fibres for clothing and other textiles? Did you know that you can integrate wood in high-quality accessories? Most people when are thinking about wood, they just can’t imagine a dress or a piece of jewellery.

Although wood has been and it is constant in our world for centuries, we are just beginning to rediscover it, mainly as a source of inspiration and then as a material. In time, wood revealed its stories and its textures became an inspiration for the design, by easily establishing a trend.

Wood’s beauty manages to be also conveyed by things you would not even imagine. Things like the agenda for your projects, your smartphone case – considering this an essential element of our bag, business cards, laptop case, kitchen objects and many other elements that allow the wood to express itself.

Wooden watches – A must-have inspired by nature 

People will never stop wearing a classic watch even if we do have so many high-tech dispositive on the market. Inspired by the beauty of nature, wooden watches had become a must-have accessory for every person, but must of all for collectors. Besides their natural look and elegance, a wood watch will be a perfect match for every style. Wooden watches are not only elegant and versatile, but they are also durable and eco-friendly but must of all hypoallergenic – for people who tend to be sensitive to some metals. 

People will never stop wearing a classic watch even if we do have so many high-tech dispositive on the market. We have prepared an entire collection of wooden watches for fashion lovers and collectors. We are making most of the watches from our collection from bamboo which comes from sustainable forests. People are not only responsible for how they look, but also for our environment. But if you want something more special you can also find other types of wood, like maple, oak or walnut. 

A watch is not just simply a tool that tells you the time but also a statement about yourself. A wooden watch should be every person choice. Such an elegant and genuine material like wood could not be neglected by the fashion industry, especially considering that its versatility allows many combinations and transformations. 

Besides the fact that your house can look amazing, this is now valid also for your clothes and daily accessories. We begin to get closer and closer to nature and its creations, when in fact, we are actually approaching our own nature. 

Wood you like to try our new watches and be part of nature? 

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