From where do you buy a wooden watch?

Nowadays, there are a lot of online shops and all people consider this a good thing. And definitely it is.

But if they want to see, touch, verify and so on a product they are just going directly to the shop and that’s it. This can be applied for almost everything. Anyway, many products can be found and bought only in online because there are not dedicated shops for them or they are a few. In this case, help is required. People who want to buy a wooden watch encountered the same problem, no too many physical shops from where they can purchase the wristwatch.

This article is the answer for a cry for help. We have done a little research and we found some places where wooden watches are sold.


One of the wooden watch “physical” shop is in Moscow, Russia. The name of this shop is Moscow Offline Pavilion. Here it can be found a lot of wooden watches, they can be tried on, verified and any other verification. A dedicated area for BOBO Bird watches is present here. This shop can be found also online, they sell wooden watches on AliExpressplatform.

Original Grain

Another shop which offers the pleasure to admire a wooden watch directly in its display case is Original Grain, spread in whole USA. Americans are big fans of wooden watches and they represent an important part of the buyers. People appreciate a dedicated place where wooden watches can be admired, tried on and buy. This shop offers a wide range of products, from watches for women and men to wooden bracelets. These products can be purchased from the site in case USA is far away.


Another place where wooden watches can be found is NOAH, a small business in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. They started with a big dream, but now they are popular and they sell watches all around the world. Their watches can be found on their site and if you are doing a trip in Romania, you should visit their small factory, it can be a pleasure to see how a wooden watch is born. Their watches can be admired in 5 special places.

Do you know another shop where we can see wooden watches? Add the name in the comment section and spread with all the world the art of wooden watches creation.

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