Furniture from the Oval Office – A day with the USA President

Who doesn’t want to stay for at least an hour in the White House’s Oval Office? This room is obviously one of the most important chamber from the whole world. The most important decisions are made in this room. But what furniture is used by the world’s great president in the Oval Office? The answer is a lot of furniture made by wood.

The Resolute Desk, the most known desk from the entire world is present in the Oval Office. It is built from English oak timbers and it was a gift from Queen Victoria. The desk is imposing, it presents blazes and many carved decorations, being carefully realized. It has been very well preserved, considering that it was made in 1962. The desk is considered national treasure and many manufactures try to reproduce the Resolute Desk and it is quite expensive. The desk was moved in 1963 from the Oval Office, just after President Kennedy’s assassination. It was brought back in 1977 and has never been moved from the Oval Office ever. This desk is the emblem of the Oval Office.


The chairs have wooden frames with different upholstery (depending on the choice of each president). The same thing happens with the table in the Oval Office, it is made of wood. All the furniture should fit perfectly and resonate as hue and shape.

There are a lot of decorations made of wood, from frames of the tables to chess board. They are classical, like all the wooden furniture and offer a refined air and load the office with power and supremacy. The library in the oval office is also made of quality wood. This library houses countless collection books, some of them being unique and having wooden covers. Each president who lived in the White House somehow put his mark on the Oval Office. The only thing that was not moved, except for a very short period of time, was the president’s desk.


Donald Trump, the current president of the United States of America, has also made his mark on the Oval Office. Being an eccentric person, he brought eccentric accessories and elements, but that integrates perfectly with the rest of the office. His wife probably helped with decorations, the first lady being a refined person with a good taste of beauty.

In the Oval Office there are different styles of people with different mindsets. But the wood gives an expressive note, and the old objects integrate perfectly in the decoration. Now it remains to be seen how the next president will want to decorate the Oval Office.

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