Wood watch for men and woman

History of wooden watches – Time begins with the nature

From the beginning of humanity it was necessary to measure the most important thing for everything – THE TIME. Time is the best friend or the worst enemy for everyone.
It depends on which side we are in a specific moment and the big problem is that no one is under time’s wing.
But the article is related to the beautiful timekeepers which seems to be a little part of the nature –
the wooden watches. Does anyone know how they appears or why people are so interested about them? In the lines below it will be shown their beautiful history.

The first wristwatch has been done for a woman in 1868. The evolution from pocket watch to wristwatch helps a lot. Being able to wear the watch at the hand and not have to check in your pocket everytime to find out the hour was also a plus for the soldiers which have been participated in the wars. After almost 100 years it was discovered the quartz crystal and it has been introduced as an important component of the wristwatch (to be more specific, in 1967). After only 3 years later, the first digital wristwatch appeared which meant that the evolution was really fast.

But the timekeeper has become an piece of art thanks to James Borden who created in 1980 the first wooden watch. He started with big ones and reduced their size until he reached a wooden wristwatch. James Borden was a repairman and had nothing in common with the creation of watches. But all the mechanisms which were included in the watch intrigued him and launced the desire of doing them, but with wood and in this manner he became a watch designer. The most interesting part of wooden watch was that every component was made of wood. In the same time, not any kind of wood is used for a watch. Sophisticated wood essences as walnut or cherry become a watch. Every tiny mechamism which is included in watch is made manually and of wood. The only part which is not wood is the quartz crystal.

The appearance of wooden watches had represented a new step to be closer to the nature. It combines fashion and the environment’s protection. These watches are 100% made of reciclated wood and the persons which militate for the protection of the environment are totally agree with this kind of watch.

When we see a wooden watch we can remark that the others pale in comparison with its beauty. Even if a watch is only an accessory, it is very important to fit with the outfit and bring a remarkable appearance to the person who wears it.

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