How is made – Or how the wood becomes a jewelry

  From forest to our hand, there is a long process to fabricate the wooden watches. More and more people have this kind of watch at their hand, but how many have the curiosity how it is made. Probably not too many. However, let’s find out together the fascinating process of wooden watches’ fabrication.

First of all, the big brands and companies which produce wooden watches use recycled wood or wood from very carefully guarded forests and only old trees are cut in order to let the young ones  grow up. Wood have to be high quality (walnut, maple, bamboo or sandalwood) and it must be healthy.

Every watch is a jewelry, so it is realized by masters in carpenter industry. They establish a plan or a draw in order to have in mind how the wooden watch will be. It is necessary to know how the final product design. It is a whole team which collaborates in order to achieve these wonderful watches. After the design’s selection, it begins the watches’ creation.

It  is not easy to do a wooden watch. The wood is cut very carefully and the shape must respect the initial plan. After that, someone specialized sculpture the timekeeper. You need to have a high sense of art and to be dedicated in order to produce a piece of art. To not forget – every piece is manually done which increases the watch’s beauty. I think that their creators love wood and wearing watches.

When the case and dial are ready, they are polished using a soft grinder in order to eliminate any irregularity. Afterwards, it is applied a special treatment consisting of a thin film which protects the watch from scratches and easy blow. It is not recommended to expose the watch under the water for a long time and, if it possible, to keep the watch away of humidity. Even if there are treatments applied on watch’s surface, this doesn’t make it indestructible.

For many wooden watches, their shapes are done using modern technology such laser for more complicated draws (animals, flowers, landscape, etc.). But no matter how fast the world is, the craftsman should be calm, peaceful  and very organized. His job requires precision and attention, so any wrong move should be fatal for the watch’s life.

The belt can be made in wood or leather, it depends on everyone’s preference. But it cannot be a completely wooden watch without a wooden belt.  The process is not simple either in this case because it requires also precision and all the links have to be identically (and the links are done separately, one by one). It can be seen that it is a hard work. It is necessary to know a lot about the wood, from the temperatures where it can be processed, to how many years it keeps its properties.

After the treatment is completely applied and the watch is ready, there are done some tests in order to verify that the product can be sell and used for a long time. You can see that this kind of timekeepers are long lasting and if it is well maintained you cannot see any sign of wear after 10 years. The tests includes to put the watch under the water for a couple of hours to be sure that the mechanism is fully working.

We usually concentrate on the final product, on high price, its beauty  and so on, but we ignore the process which is slow, low quantity and labor. But we must pay attention on details and to understand that a piece of art requires sacrifices.

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