How to increase the value of your house using interior design

Whether you’ve just moved in, or have been living in a house for a long time, selling your home is a long and difficult process, filled with many thoughts about the advantages and disadvantages of your decision. Maybe you’re planning the move to make room for a bigger family or simply because of investment opportunities. No matter what your reasons are for moving, once you’ve made the decision to sell it, your next step should be to maximize your property value as much as possible. While there are several ways to do this, the most effective, but often overlooked, method is simply by improving interior design.

Now, you may be wondering why you would to invest into a property you want to leave behind. The best answer for this is that innovative interior design strategies will help boost the value and attract top buyers and a higher selling price.

Next, we will share with you our knowledge on how to increase resale value by improving the interior design features of your property.

Understand the target market

Using interior design to increase the value of your property doesn’t have to be a costly task. Having said this, you need to ensure that you make a good return on your financial investment into redesigning. Make the wrong choices and you could end up with a less appealing home. This is why you need to study the target market and renovate only what might appeal to those potential buyers.

Ask yourself questions like: What age group is your house most suited for? Is it for young or old couples? Is it the right place for large families? If you can accurately predict who your buyers might be, you will be able to visualize your house’s overall look, not according to your own preferences, but to what the potential target buyers might want. Once you narrow this down, you can start creating a plan to reconfigure your home and obtain a higher return on investment.

Fix your floors

To get your house value up, you need to look down. At your flooring, specifically. Take a good look at your house’s floors and check for any signs of damage, especially if you have soft-flooring. Have your rugs and carpets become too worn out and stained? Do you hear too many creaks when you walk? Well, our advice is to replace the existing flooring with a brand new one.

One of the most alarming facts for buyers is to think that they will have to redo the entire flooring of the house they’re buying. Which is why you have to pay special attention to the quality and type of the flooring you put in place.

Laminate flooring is an great option and it can transform your room completely. You can start by looking up the cost of installing laminate flooring. This way, you can see if you want to redo the entire house or make changes in shorter portions, also considering your finances. The end result will leave you with a classy and cozy look that everyone will love.

Bathroom and kitchen 2.0

If you’re going to invest in a redesign, the best place to start is with the kitchen and bathrooms, which seem to have the biggest impact on the resale value. Upgrade them and the value of your house will go through the roof. Figuratively, of course.

Regarding the kitchen, you should start by making changes to the centerpieces, like adding new countertops. You may also opt for smaller changes, like replacing old and out of fashion sinks and dishwashers with pieces made from stainless steel. Even if they seem like minor changes here and there, they can make a huge impact on how the potential buyers perceive the room.

The same rules apply to the bathrooms of your house. Redesign the bathrooms to look luxurious and practical and it can significantly up the value of your property. Go for well-positioned mirrors, proper lighting and high-quality fixtures, and transform your old bathroom into a modern spa-like space. Such changes will attract buyers and help boost the resale value of your home.

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