How to protect your wooden watch?

All of us know the very well-known advertising about skin care or health protection, from ¼ moisturizing to concealer serum. Who reads this maybe thinks that this article has been written by a woman because all these women’s care products. But I have a question: do you even think about your wooden watch protection? If not, this is the time. As long as our skin needs to look healthy and young, this is the same for our watch.

Here we have some tricks in order to preserve your wooden watch in a good condition.

1. Keep it in good condition and away from water! Wood is not the best friend of the water. Too much water can change the properties of wood with bad results such as shape’s modification, even its failure as watch. So, if you work in places with humidity, don’t wear a wooden watch. In many situations, it cannot be saved. And don’t take the watch with you at pool. It may be produced for using under the water, but we all know that in pool’s water is not only water.

2. Wear it! If you keep your wooden watch in its box or, worse, in a forgotten place, it will be sad and it will cry. No, this is not possible, but let’s think about it. Every object, if it is not used for a long time will lose its shine and qualities. And this is normal. So, in order to have a beautiful watch you have to wear it. Body’s natural oil will keep the wood moisturized and delicate to touch. Even if it has a treatment, it is not enough for a long period.

3. Go with your watch ONLY in authorized services! When you buy a wooden watch be sure that you know a specialized service for this kind of watches. It is recommended to go with your watch to service once a year. Imagine that you go to the doctor for a routine examination. It needs to be verified, they can apply special oil (because it is required to apply oil with regularity), they can change the battery or treat the scratches.

4. If your watch has a battery, when it is “done” go in service. Trying to change the battery at home can destroy the dial or the case. For wooden watches there are special tools, so don’t use the knife from kitchen because it may work, but it may not work. A quality battery can last at least 2 years.

5. No sun! I know that no sun, no fun, but your wooden watch doesn’t want to tan. Taking into account that it is wood, too much sun can burn it…for real. It is not such a sinister scenario, but sun can damage your jewelry. Imagine that you stay all day long in the sun without special protection. Your skin will dry except the part it will be burnt. It is the same for wood. All oil will try to keep the wood “hydrated” , but after a long exposure in the sun they will disappear. The wood will dry and your watch will lose the shine and it can be really damaged. Do you know other methods to protect a wooden watch? If yes, share with us. We will be happy to know how we can maintain “healthy” our watch and all the threats that can damage it. We are open for reaction and comments regarding this subject and not only that. Please let us know what do you want to post about the wonderful world of wooden watches.

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