How to wear a wooden watch – Fashion tricks

Nowadays, it is very important to be in trend, so we buy the latest smartphone model, even if we use it just for calls, new clothes every season and so on. But it is not enough. We have to blend them perfectly in order to be fashionable. Until now, everything is understood. The problem comes now:  we have a wooden watch, it is beautiful and you can be remarked by everyone. How you could wear in order to not destroy your appearance?

Let’s start step by step. First of all, don’t wear a wooden watch at pool. I saw many times people wearing a watch at pool or when they go to swim. Firstly, water can damage the watch and secondly it is not a good view: someone in swimsuit wearing a wooden watch.

Continuing, a wooden watch can be successfully worn at office. You can choose a wooden watch with leather belt, which is more elegant. Brown or black are perfect colors, but you can also wear a dark blue belt. For women it looks great a light brown or white wooden watch at the office.

If you are an active person, who usually goes out you have to pay attention how to fit the colors in order to wear a wooden watch.  A simple T-shirt and a pair of jeans can be accessorized with each model of wooden watch. But as woman, if you wear a dress you have to choose a delicate, small watch.

You can wear a wooden watch even to the gym, but be careful to humidity. A fully wooden watch (dial, case + belt) can be worn to gym. The weight of the watch is not too big, so you will forget that you wear a watch.

Another important thing is the dimensions. For a woman the watch should be tiny, thin and delicate and the wood should also fit with the personality, a leather belt for femininity. For men a big dial with large inscriptions and a wooden belt are perfect.

But in any case, this kind of watch will add style to your outfit. It reveals a lot about someone’s personality: self-reliance, open-mind, elegant, stylish. You will be closer to the nature using natural accessories and in the same time a friend of it wearing recycled products. A wooden watch can make your appearance unique if it is correctly chosen. Only you could make this difference mixing different styles, adding to your outfit a part of the nature.

If you don’t have a wooden watch you can choose one from our site. They are for all stiles and budgets. Don’t hesitate to be remarkable and different.

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