Lighting design: Make your restaurant shine with a wood lamp

Establishing a good first impression is a fundamental step. But when it comes to hospitality, you have only one chance to impress your clients. Each element plays a bigger role than you might think, especially when you choose a wood lamp. Lighting is very important for a restaurant and we are sure that a lamp made from wood will complete your space.

1. The importance of light

Did you know that every material or decorative object used can influence space perception? All the images that we record and which the retina transmits further on, are made of a myriad of points made visible by LIGHT. This is a process which takes place unconsciously but will influence the number of your customers. The food can be delicious. The drinks are perfectly chilled. But if the light isn’t right you can ruin completely your customer experience and lost him forever. Let’s discover together why restaurant lighting is so important and what kind of lamps you can use for your design.

2. The primary types of restaurant lighting

Ambient Lighting – used for setting a specific mood or impression, also great for the overall lighting of the restaurant.
Task Lighting – created to provide the right amount of light for a given area, perfect for setting a relaxing atmosphere or outlining specific elements.
Accent Lighting – the most effective way of adding the X-factor, also ideal for drawing attention to specific restaurant elements.

Now that you know the primary types of restaurant lighting you can choose your lamps and materials. First of all, each space has its own individual style. So be careful when you are choosing the materials and how they band together. Have you ever thought about wooden lamps for your restaurant?

3. Modern wood lamps

Wood is a material that can be used in every type of design from a traditional one to modern, vintage or industrial, and it has a unique texture that will create a comfortable ambience. Furthermore, wood is a versatile material that can be transformed into various forms and objects for your space, nor just lamps. Nordic designers have long embraced light warm materials and wood is often used as an accent with metallics, glass and fabric. As a return to our true nature, wooden lamps will be the guide for your customers. Apart from their stylish note and authenticity, wood lamps are a long-lasting investment for your business.

Do not hesitate and choose sustainable materials for your restaurant. We offer a wide range of wooden lamps for all types of design and spaces, it can be a restaurant, a bistro or just a pub. Your customers will immediately notice the ambience created by wood and light, even if it is artificial light. Make your restaurant shine with wooden lamps and offer your clients a unique experience!

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