Materials wood watches are made of: what is the best?

The best wood watch is made from the best materials, that are flexible, durable and simply beautiful to work with. The hardwoods used in making quality wooden watchesare specifically selected to create products that will comfortably sit on the wearer’s hand and last for a long time. A wooden watch is the ideal combination between practical use and the beauty of nature. It’s not just an item that looks good and shows you when it’s time to eat, it’s also an eco-friendly fashion statement.

Wood comes in a variety of shades and types, which gives anyone endless options for exploring their fashion style. With each hue and grain type, the wearer has the ability to mix up their style and incorporate this accessory with all kinds of different wardrobes.

Now let’s talk wood. Here are the most commonly used types of wood used in the making of wood watches.

Cherry wood

As the name says it, cherry wood comes from the cherry fruit tree. This hardwood is famous for its durability and beautiful color that naturally radiates moderate shine. This type of wood offers a large variety of colors: it starts out at a light golden/pinkish tone, then darkens to a rich, reddish color if exposed to light. The cool thing about cherry wood is that a single board can have a variety of colors, which allows watch makers to to embrace the unique characteristics of the contrasting grain patterns. The wood has a fine, uniform, smooth and satiny texture. In its natural form, it may contain brown pitch flecks and small gum pockets – mineral deposits that originate where sap was once stored, which adds a lot of character to anything made from cherry wood, especially watches.

Walnut wood

Black walnut wood is dark, hard, dense and tight-grained. Woodworkers preffer it for its amazing strength and color. It also polishes to a smooth finish, which makes it gentle to the touch. The color ranges from creamy white in the sapwood (the outer portion may have a pale blonde tint) to a dark chocolate in the heartwood (the inner part may have lighter browns, purples or grays). Unlike oak, maple and cherry, which all darken with age, walnut wood will actually lighten as time passes. Walnut wood is straight-grained, but sometimes it can have waves or curls, which enhances its character. It’s very durable and doesn’t warp from changes in humidity, which makes it a perfect resource for watchmaking.

Maple wood

Maple wood is super strong, has a great look and ages with grace. It has a unique color, the grain is smooth, which gives it a creamy color, and the strength make it a popular choice with woodworkers. It can brighten up your look and can be dressed up to suit almost any style. It’s light and it has a highly impressive durability. In most cases, it tends to have a white hue with pitch flecks and mineral streaks, which adds reddish-brown tints to it, though the color might deepen if exposed to UV light and oxygen. As the years pass a watch made from Maple wood will develop a honey-gold patina. Maple wood is an amazingly eco-friendly option, because the trees grow in abundance and they are harvested in a sustainable way.

Cumaru wood

Cumaru originates from the Dipteryx Odorata Tree. The color varies from golden tan to reddish brown, with dark grain accents throughout. In its natural state, cumaru doesn’t show many variations in color and is pretty uniform, as there is not a large degree of difference between the sapwood and the heartwood. Unlike most exotic woods, cumaru undergoes very little color change due sunlight and ages gracefully, while achieving a slightly darker tone. This type of wood is very resistant to harsh weather, moisture and pests, which allows you to enjoy this type of wood in any adventures. Cumaru is a very dense wood and much harder than any domestic species, which makes it very durable. Another interesting fact about Cumaru: it has a faint, vanilla/cinnamon scent when being worked, so if you’re crafting your own wood watch, you might get a little hungry. Also, the delicious aroma will beautifully linger on your wrist for a while, if you wear a watch made from cumaru wood.

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