Nature versus Technology

It sounds like a science fiction film, but it is the reality. Technology is everywhere. From our smartphones to smart houses, almost everything includes technology. But what about nature? Is it ready for technology? Maybe. It depends how deep it goes.

Now, let’s think about wooden watches. How it was described in a previous article, a wooden watch is completely made in wood and it is a manual creation. Could the technology create this kind of wristwatch? Totally yes. But where is the nature’s beauty, that unique element which makes wooden watches so special: the wood. All pieces are cut by craftsmen with high precision and the final product is amazing and all of these using only two hands and nothing else.

All the treatment, oil and the assembly are done manually, without using any sophisticated machinery. So, the power of technology does not reach yet this sector. Attention is set on a piece, specialized people slew the wood in order to have a smooth surface. There is true that in order to shape in perfect shapes, there are used CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines for a better precision.

This is still a pure domain. Maybe the creation of wooden watch is done in a longer period than if it is used the technology, but costs are not big (this is revealed by wristwatch’s price). Using technology causes the price to rise and it is not at all the target.

When it is said “wood watch” we think about something natural, out of ordinary, maybe expensive. A piece of wood which indicates the time is a kind of magic from stories with princes. So, how to expect to do a piece of nature using a factory?

It is a hard work until a watch can be sold, the pieces are very tiny and the precision is required to be at a high level. But once the jewelry is completely assembled, the satisfaction increases.

Maybe in few years, wooden smartwatches will own the market, but until then have a breath and admire the classic wooden watches. These watches have a lot of ecologists on their side because watches are eco-friendly, natural and they are not using technology.

What do you think? Is is better to use the technology in wooden watches’ creation? Please insert your opinion in comments section and let us know what do you think.

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