Wood Watch

Welcome to the amazing world of wooden watches.

Here, you will find wooden watches for men and women, all handmade, crafted with the most attention to detail, by amazing artists. Prepare to be amazed at all the ways in which wood, one of the best raw materials in the world, can be molded and shaped. We have wooden watches for every style and taste possible, with a rich array of colour combinations and wood types.

Do you have a birthday or holiday coming soon? If you’re trying to find the perfect gift, look no more: you can personalize your favourite watch with the name of your loved. Or choose a message or a picture that you would like to see more often. You can also put your own name on it, if you want to give yourself a nice present. The possibilities are endless and our offer is is rich enough that you can find exactly what you’re looking for.

A wooden watch can be a status symbol, it’s a timepiece that can add class to your fashion style, while being a useful object in itself. If you are tired of traditional watches made from palstic or metal, you can make a change by choosing one of the many wooden watches in our offer.

All the products have exceptional quality, as they are created following the highest standards of quality available. You can choose wooden watches from top brands like Bobo Bird and Bewell, and many others, that are known for their exceptional quality.

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