Put your soul in your wooden watch – Personalize it!

Even if you want to offer a special gift or you want to remember for a whole life a special moment, the best idea is to personalize an object to remember it. It will be, without doubt, something very special.

Carved messages on wood look natural and at the same time so romantic. For instance, the messages from trees, which should stop by the way. But if you like carved messages on wood choose the wooden
watches. Keep a moment on your wooden watch. It is very simple; you just need to send us your message and the model of watch that you want to buy and we will transform it in a memorable moment. The wooden watch indicates the time and so many moments and in this conditions you can
create your moment.

It is not a must to personalize the wooden watch for someone. You can do it for yourself, for your soul.
You will know that piece of art will become a “memory keeper” and not just a “timekeeper”.

You can inspire from the following list with a message for your wooden watch:

“ Legends are born in January” ( you can choose another month) – it can be used with the same success for ladies and gentlemen

If you have just visited a new city or the city you love you can choose for something familiar with that place, for example: “ Pizzzzaaaa….I love Italy ” or “ In love with Paris ” or “ Prague – I was there” or anything will help you remember a special place.

If you have couple goals you can choose for 2 messages for 2 different watches, for instance:
“The calm” for her and “The storm” for him

For grandparents: “My best grandma” and, of course, “My dear grandpa”

Do not forget our parents (you can do this gift at their wedding anniversary): “Happy anniversary ! 10 years together!”

For your girlfriend/boyfriend: “Love you to the moon and back” or her/his name

The best part is that you can choose your text in any language and we will transform it in memory. Every
word says a story – Let us write yours!

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