Smart wooden watch

Nowadays, it is more and more difficult to be in trend with technology. Everything is changing really fast, new gadgets with more and more complex functions are appearing.

From year to year, the technology has a big evolution; this depends on customers’ wishes which are bigger with every new gadget. The same thing is happening with the watches. From the ordinary ones, with a simple dial which indicate the exact time and eventually the date, there were developed some watches which we call smartwatches. The question is: is it necessary a smartwatch? Can it help us in our daily life. Totally yes. Smartwatches were created to create an easier life. We can manage the incoming calls, all the messages (and we can answer to them), it can measure our heart beats and the pulse, it counts our daily steps and so on.

And now the big question: Can be the wooden watches smart? Yes, they can. Maybe you ask how the craftsmen introduce the whole system of a smart watch in a wooden one, from processor, to sensors and so on. The only difference between an ordinary smartwatch and a wooden smartwatch is the WOOD. The case and the belt are made obviously by wood. Only the electronic part is not wood. They look great because they are elegant and in the same time, you are in trends.

In recent times, the wooden watches are in development, being more and more popular. This thing makes producers to be eager to improve and until then it is only a step.

Regarding the prices, an wooden smartwatch is more expensive than an ordinary one. And it is normal because there is a hard work, all the pieces are assembled manually and, of course, the wood is not as cheap as plastic. The combination of nature and technology seems to be unrealistic, but it is really amazing. It depends on every perspective, but these smartwatches gives a sophisticated attitude and in the same time it is practical.

The combination between nature and technology creates a perfect mixture. This mixture attracts and people like to be out of ordinary, extravagant and in the same time they want to have a casual style. The wooden smartwatch is the perfect solution. This kind of timekeepers highlight every person who wears it. They are the best idea for a gift. Something special because everyone loves nature and technology.

Do you think that the mixture between nature and technology is a good idea? Can they survive together? Please let your opinion in the comment section.

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