Sunglasses – an outfit made by Wood

Summer is closer and closer, the sun starts to shine brighter and brighter and we need to protect our eyes. What do we use? Sunglasses, of course.
A pair of quality ones can help us to not damage our vision. Sun-light, in the middle of a July day, somewhere in a town with white buildings is the worst thing for our sight. Do not spoil your vacation and take a pair of sunglasses!

Choosing a pair of glasses is not an easy thing. Their shape must fit with your face’s shape. After shape, you have to choose a quality material (not plastic, because they look cheap and destroy the outfit). Our proposal is a little bit eccentric, but it is something unique and quite elegant. What do you think about glasses made of wood?

From cat-eye shape to classical Pilot all of them look spectacular. The wood used is in general bamboo. They are UV protected and, if you want, you can choose a polarized pair of sunglasses. So, the only difference between classical and wooden sunglasses is WOOD. This kind of glasses is more resistant to mechanical shocks, they look natural and put a heavy brick to the outfit.

Wooden sunglasses are supposed to many chemical tests before the final product can be sold: for example it is important to know how they react in contact with water, tan oil, bronze spray or sea salt because we use sunglasses especially at seaside. Water in special is not a good friend for wood. Keep a bottle with water in one hand and sunglasses in the other hand.

The wooden sunglasses maintenance is quite simple: use them in dry conditions, do not broke them (it is a little bit difficult for wood, but the lenses are the same as in the usual case and they can broke easily).

If I got you interest, just go in our Product page and I am sure that it will be a perfect match between you and a pair of sunglasses (or more pairs).

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