Tired of colour? How about some black and white design ideas?

If we’re talking monochrome or black and white, this is a truly endearing colour combination. It’s hip and sophisticated and works with almost any theme that you’ve picked for your house design. This colour duo is most preferred for contemporary kitchens, relaxing spa like bathrooms and living rooms. While black and white bedrooms almost always come with bright pops of fabric accents, when it comes to living rooms, you can create a truly monochromatic setting that only uses these two shades. Black and white decor brings a touch of class and sophistication to your home, and it can liven up the ambience. It also offers plenty of perspectives to combine different accessories. If other colour selections change depending on seasons, trends or tastes, black and white represents the power couple that will remain popular forever.

Let’s go through a few examples and ideas to choose from, if you decide to go for this combination.

Contemporary and minimal together

Many modern homes today tend to go for a combination between contemporary and minimal styles. This helps in case you are not going for a 100% minimal style, where you can use clean and straight lines, wall mounted cabinets and sleek decor to give your home a semi-minimal look. From the classic Scandinavian style, to the chic Soho approach, the two colours make the living room appear urbane and classy. While black anchors the room and highlights its architectural elements, white pushes a sense of airiness and balance to counterbalance.


Set the tone with ravishing rugs

If you’re going black and white in the kitchen, countertops and cabinets offer a perfect blend between the two colors and to add that sensational look to your living room geometric rugs do the trick. A gorgeous black and white rug with a bold geometric pattern can transform the living area and give it a bold monochrome look. From simple black and white stripes to complex patterns and interesting prints, black and white rugs give the room a coherent look, adding warmth to space.


Improvising with shades and style

Many homeowners often have the misconception that a black and white interior must look picture perfect and glossy. While it’s agreeable that a room without clutter always looks better than a messy one, achieving this look is often impractical. Don’t limit yourself to using only pristine white and black in your room. Play around with different shades and values of each color to create a diverse and appealing look.


Going grey

Grey is an important intermediate between black and white and is also an amazing decor addition and collection to the living room. You can make your room feel warmer by adding grey accessories like plush couches and side tables. This will make the room more pleasing, while keeping the black and white theme intact. Darker shades will give a deeper and more serious look to the room, whereas lighter shades of grey are perfect for small living spaces.


Swapping accent hues

Many times, we want to keep the living room without much color, in order to keep the black and white theme intact. Having said this, you can use color combinations to your advantage and introduce restrained, stylish accents that bring in different colors each season. The more neutral a backdrop is, the more accent additions will stand out. You can use fresh flowers or colorful throw pillows, you can play with an array of accents once you have the right black and white backdrop.


Contemporary black and white living room

A black and white decor also works well for a decorative style. If you’re going for a contemporary and modern look, a black and white theme works perfectly, no matter the theme of your room. While black emphasizes the different architectural elements in the room, white gives it a breath of fresh air making it more spacious.


Black and white living room with fireplace

If you have a fireplace in the living room, know that the main accessory that will dominate the living room is the most often the mirror. The mirror makes the place more dynamic and stylish. Feel free to decorate the interior with a touch of passion and madness that will surprise every guest.


Black and white floor decor in the living room

When deciding the decor for the room, the floor plays a very important role. You can either put a carpet over the it or go for a mosaic with black and white patterns. But be careful with the contrast and use it in a smart way. This contrast can also be seen when it comes to geometric shapes or lines and curves. Regardless, the decision you make will be rich and satisfying.


Ultra modern designs for black and white in living rooms

Many times, photos, paintings and modern art posters can bring life to a black and white interior. If the black and white style is heavy and rigid, you can add more originality and modernity. The more uncomplicated or even minimalist the design, the more finesse, and elegance must be sought.


Scandinavian style black and white living room

This style can give your home a modern feel and you can decorate with metal accents, eye-catching patterns and handmade touches, to create a rustic and contemporary look. Also, a black leather in the living room sofa with bold hue pillows can accentuate the place. You may also place metal candlesticks on top of the table, to add a rich and modern vibe to your home.


Cozy space with suspensions design and warm wood floor

If you choose the right lighting features, along with a good layout, you will make your black and white living room a success. This is especially true if the living space is dominated by anthracite, bistre, slate or graphite.


Black and white living room open to the dining

The black and white living room is a space that likes to be pampered. Add the right furniture and accessories, and you’ll have a comfortable and chic space for rest and entertainment. If, for example, the visual freshness of the industrial style suits you better, it is also a very good decorative option. In the end, gray concrete with rough wood is the a great choice material in lofts.


Black and white living room with designer armchair and stunning decoration

You cannot underestimate the significant advantage of decorating a space in grey for a monochrome living room. This perfect neutral background is great for any complimentary decorations. You can put splashes of color here and there, like a black and white design armchair or a glossy coffee table in white or another surprising color.


Yin and Yang Symbiosis

You can easily use different styles for decorating a black and white living room. You can experiment with things like Yin and Yang symbols, checks, stripes, zebra stripes, graphic designs, using photos in retro black and white or other exciting designs as decoration.


Going monochrome for the bedroom

Crisp white bed linens are perfect for the bedroom. Add a black and white striped bed skirt, pillows, and a comfortable black chair. For seasonal changes, have a variety of pillows in different colors on hand. Pink, yellow, or soft green works great for summer, while red, hunter green, or even shimmering gold or silver looks great for winter.



Finally, break the symmetry and stop thinking off that the black and white interior design ideas go perfectly with kitchen, bathroom, or spa room only. We have presented you stunning ideas that you can use to spruce up your home.

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