Wood – more and more threatened

The most important resource of wood products, wood, is in danger. Threats can be found at any step, with man being the main culprit in reducing the wood mass of the planet. The daily events of the last period demonstrate this: from the fires in the Amazon forest, to the fires in Siberia.

As we know, wood is a natural, renewable resource, if at the moment when we cut a tree we plant another 10. A tree takes more than a human life to reach maturity. But it seems that maturity is the big lack of the man. Man cuts the wood without thinking about the consequences.

The fires in the forests of Siberia took the entire planet by surprise. In the most northern area of the globe, Siberia, which we all imagine ice, was burning. It was shown that in fact man had caused this catastrophe. Over 200,000 ha were burned in this fire. Besides the fact that an impressive amount of wood was destroyed, pollution was another environmental impact. The weather favored the spread of fire, leading to a real calamity. Recovering this wood mass will take a long time. The main consequence will be, besides decreasing the amount of oxygen, the increase of the cost of wood. The fire was so strong and violent that NASA reported that the smoke was visible from space.

Source: https://www.mediafax.ro/stirile-zilei/incendiile-din-siberia

Another large and sinister fire that took place at the same time as the one in Siberia was the Amazon forest. The entire Amazon ecosystem was practically “fried”. Millions of animals and plants that are just there are lost. Scientists are concerned about the evolution of the environment. This fire will affect ecosystems across the planet. Many animals will be left without food, endangered animals will be exterminated. And tree burning impacts many other industries. The green lung of the planet is in danger. So does wood, oxygen, fauna and flora.

In addition to these disasters that have plagued the planet, there are dozens of other fires annually in areas such as the United States, Greece. All of this impacts us directly without us realizing it. Wood will be more and more expensive and harder to buy, some new materials will be needed to replace the wood. All this will last.

Through this article we appeal to people to try to defend the forests of the planet. We need to be aware that our life depends on the oxygen offered by them, that the proper functioning of the planet depends on the ecosystems they create.

Source: https://www.europafm.ro/incendiile-din-amazon-cand-vor-deveni-schimbarile-climatice-ireversibile-audio/

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