Wood Watches, a different style

Eco-friendly is not just a saying anymore nowadays, it’s a belief, it’s a lifestyle. To be fashionable and eco-friendly could be hard, but the wood watches will save you with its elegant and lightweight design, handcrafted from natural wood.

If you are committed to the environment, you will appreciate every aspect of a wood watch, from the chosen piece of wood it was made to the careful crafted details that take you by surprise with every touch. A wood watch feels warm even in winter time. And it has great advantages in summer as well, being so light and easy to wear, that you will barely feel it resting on your wrist.

Also don’t even worry about what color to choose! There are so many options, that you will find your wood watch match in a glance. From the light brown bamboo to the dark brown ebony, to the added colorful touches, there is definitely a wooden wristwatch that will suit you beautifully.

Did you know that a wooden watch matches everything you wear? Whether you like an everyday simple dress code like jeans and a t-shirt or you prefer a more elegant attire, you don’t have to worry about the wood wristwatch matching your outfit, because it never misses a beat. Its versatility is almost magical!

Make it personal with an Engraved Wooden Watch!

Best wishes, a mantra or just some kind words could make or break any gift and it would be a good opportunity to have them engraved in the handcrafted natural wood of the wooden watch, when giving it as a present. If you ran out of inspiration, we can help you with it:

Engraved Groomsmen Ebony Wooden Watch

Wedding time is a special moment for everyone involved. There is a big amount of energy unleashed during this time and you can feel the emotional weight. Show your love, your support or your trust to your partner, to the bride and groom or to the parents, with a kind gesture and kind words engraved forever in a timeless watch, a carefully picked wooden watch. 

To Mom and Dad Sandalwood Watch

You actually don’t need a special occasion to make your beloved ones feel loved, so you should gift an engraved wooden watch to your mother of father whenever you feel like it. Make your appreciation stand the test of time by engraving a beautiful sandalwood watch!

To Our Son Zebra Wood and Ebony Watch

Healthy relationships keep us healthy! Let you children and family know how much you care for them sooner rather than later and this is just a couple of steps away. Pick your favorite wooden watch and your words and have them engraved as a long lasting memory. 

Check out our wooden watches catalogue to pick a favorite for yourself or a great present for a really good friend or family!

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