Wood watch as Christmas gifts

Wood Watches as Christmas Gifts

Don’t let the holiday season stress you out and start planning your Christmas gifts as soon as possible! Let’s put a list together and find out what would make your family and friends happy. We’re betting on Wood Watches, but you don’t have to take our word for granted. Check our list below and let us know if you found a match!

While it’s easy to pick very similar gifts for everybody, this time we give you the chance to make it easy, but with a personal touch, with wooden wristwatches that will take by surprise even your most picky friend with its beautiful design and great quality. It’s hard to think of a gift for your mother or you’re trying to impress someone with your present. Maybe you want to be practical or you know that he or she misses a nice and cool watch, either way these top picks will surprise and delight your friends and family alike. And you know how they say: “this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship”!

Uwood Men Wristwatch Band Japan Move’ 2035

The rich brown color of the band together with the carefully selected details make a great combination. This wooden wristwatch will add a strong masculine touch to any outfit. It could be a great fit for a father, a brother or a really good friend. What do you think of it?

Bamboo Wood Watch with japan movement

Any lady will be thrilled to have such a beautiful watch on her hand! This bamboo watch gives you a simple yet sophisticated look and is perfect for elegant occasions as well as casual meetings with family, friends or colleagues. 

Blue/Purple Swirl Dial Zebra Wood Watch

This is a very creative wooden watch for men, but could be easily suited for women as well. You can look at it for hours, it’s incredible! We love the look and feel of this 100% natural wood watch with a genuine leather band. It has wonderful colors and will definitely draw the attention in the room!

Bewell Woman Round Wooden Watch

The wooden watches are an impressive gift for someone who has an eco-friendly lifestyle and tries to do good to the planet and the world around her. With this being said, who do you have in mind for this watch? She is most likely a sensitive person with strong opinions about living a healthy, responsible life, protecting the nature and doing her best to be an example for those around her. We need more of them in the world, so why not celebrate your friendship with the Bewell Wooden Watch?

Bamboo Wooden Wrist Watch

The exquisite design makes this bamboo wooden watch a great gift for the holidays. The use of natural wood for this stunning design is impressive. This watch definitely has a WOW Factor!

You are still not convinced that wooden watches are a great fit for everyone? You can choose from hundreds of beautiful designs in our shop. Check out all the wood watches and find your favorites >>

Now you just have to relax and enjoy a good time with family and friends for the holidays and don’t forget to let them know that you have awesome gifts ready for them!

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