Wooden lamp – A beauty which makes lighter your days

Most of people love the nature and they want to take with them a little piece to their homes. How is this possible?

Using hand-made accessories made by wood, for example a lamp. Beside the soothing air, a wooden lamp offers privacy and brings you closer to the heart of the forest. 


Wooden lamps can be made of any essence and can have any form.It is important to note that not every piece of wood can reach a lamp. The essence is very important, because some can be processed easier, for example the fir, others harder (the walnut). Some models of wooden lamps have LEDs right inside them, the privacy they install produces an oasis of peace. Some lamps even have resins in their component and when lit they seem to burn.

Why wooden lamps?

Because the wood emanates a unique warmth and beauty. But their production is not very simple. It takes a lot of work, understanding the process, choosing the right wood essence. Then follows cutting processes, grinding, combinations of materials, etc.  The wooden lamp is an invaluable accessory in your home. You can put it on the desk, on the bedside table or even in the baby’s room. Shapes and mixtures of essences, colors and materials make wood lamps even more interesting.


In this area, however, technology has intervened. First of all, you need electricity to make the wood lamp to light. Nothing new here. But there are wooden lamps that can be wireless charged, have proximity sensors and know when to light or know what intensity is needed at a time. Certainly technology will help and expand this sector, but we must involve it less and let the wood and nature lead. The addition of glass, too many LEDs or too many functions can minimize the effect that a classic wooden lamp produces.


Most of the time, the lamps are made uniquely and are handmade, which is why their prices are as well. But with the necessary materials and a little creativity, you can make your own wooden lamp right at home.

A wooden lamp can define your personality so choose the most beautiful one!

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